Sailboats My First Love… (Just don’t tell my wife)

The Wind At My Back

If you’re like me you look forward to escaping out to where the wind is your only worry. The waterways  where I can take my wife and kids and have experiences that no money can buy.  It’s so much more fun when you’re sailing. You can expect to relax, head out to the middle of the bay (or your particular puddle) and it will lend you to feeling very very calm.  It’s true bliss.

When it’s clear skies, good sun, good company all you need is enough wind to move you and that’s a day made in heaven.  Especially when you’re out sailing and you’re the only one out there. It’s one of those things wwhere few enough people do it, that it’s a really enjoyable thing to do.

One of my favorite things to do to find someplace peaceful to drop anchor.  Maybe take a swim, go exploring with the kids, and have a good meal.  Mostly, for me, it’s just fun to try to sail the boat as well as I can.  There is nothing like getting ready to raise the mainsail and head off into the wind.  Sometimes I dream about pulling off the sail ties, pulling up the main halyard and raising the sail.

On a busy Saturday or Sunday I’d say the most boats that I’ve seen is 20 or 30 at a time.  The kids enjoy checking out the varied sail boat names.  We have the shoes, clothes, gloves, jackets, the whole shebang.  A right sailor family are we.

I’m much more of a recreational sailor although I have friends that run the gamut on “sailboat personalities” and I’ve seen em all.  The type that just always has to keep their hands busy, if they aren’t touching, grasping and adjusting they just aren’t relaxing.  Now I’m sure you can already figure out that to me that sounds like work, and the last thing I really want to be doing when I’m out enjoying the breezes…is working.

Now I’ve also got a crew of friendlies that somehow seem to live on the sea, even though I know they are the white collar office type.  Sometimes I think they’ve seen too many movies but then again I my suspicions it may be the Captain Morgan or local craft brew talking.  I refer to them as the “Pirate Type”. Sunfish and the sort. Harmless. But they would rather just get out there and drink and comisierate on the water.  I anchor when I see em’ and we’ll talk about the game or what’s going on before I head on out.

All the way at the other end of the spectrum you’re talking the “Racer” Type. They’ve got all the gear. Color co-ordinated. Americas Cup. The gloves so the hands don’t get all roughed up on the ropes, as well as all the bells and whistles.  Fun to watch, but way outta my league.  Don’t get me wrong…It looks like it would be an absolute blast for bit.  Then I think my back would cry “Uncle!” and I’d be on the couch for a week or two.   I’ll take my leisurely cruise, thank you very much.

There’s certainly a lot to enjoy with the peace and serenity of the water.  Where everything just slips away and you can just be on auto-pilot.  Just you, nature, and your thoughts.

There is always enough of a challenge to be aware of though.  Such as the technical side of actually getting the boat to sail fast! Or at least not capsize, always a plus I must say.  And let’s not count out the occasional ferry that you have to navigate past.  Give me and the kids an nice place to anchor and  it’s time to swim.  Just typing these words gets me longing for the next long weekend.

Reminds me I have to stop down and check that the batteries are charged.  It’s the little things isn’t it?

There is always a lot to do from the sailing lessons I’m giving the kids to the occasional just me and the wife, sunset cruise.

My heart and soul is all about sailboats.

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